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Welcome To Custom Closets Kansas City

Welcome to the leader in building a quality and unique closets system in Kansas City!

At Custom Closets Kansas City, we make personalized closets that are never the same with other closet organizer systems seen in most homes. We make the best closet space that perfectly suits your interior, your style and your needs.

We have the best closet designers who will guide you in creating the whole concept you want to achieve. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask.

About Custom Closets Kansas City

We are one of the trusted makers of closets Kansas City and we are a full-service provider with license and insurance. We had taken the small steps as a startup company in this city. Back then, we only have limited collections and a few business partners. However, we have gradually grown into a bigger business with a vast selection of Kansas City custom closets, accessories and materials.

Now, we are serving not only this area, but also other nearby towns and cities. We deliver the same quality systems and competitive price rate. Our goal is to go beyond the expectations and meet the needs of our clients. We take each process seriously and we want to see you happy with the results.

Our process is simple yet we take a close look at each element and detail of the closet design Kansas City Mo. We assure you that we will be able to get what you have imagined.

We take pride in having the best facilities where we are able to build your custom closet organizer with comfort and safety in mind. We discuss everything with our closet builders, designers and installers. With our long years of experience in this industry, we are able to host more services that will accommodate all your needs.

Why Choose Us?

From the day one of our service, our company has been consistent in delivering premium quality closets Kansas City. We guarantee that every product is made with beauty, elegance and security as requested by our valued clients. Moreover, we also work with professionalism. Discover what we can do more for you as our new customer:

  • Functionality and Fashion – Our Kansas City custom closets are not just organizer systems that keep your personal belongings. These are made with the user in mind. They reflect the style, personality and lifestyle of the owner. At the same time, our closet designer Kansas City’s job is to ensure that we obtain maximum storage capacity.
  • Affordability – We know that you want a nice reach-in or walk-in closet. However, there are some factors that may hinder you from having one. One of them can be the cost. Well, we can help you a lot in this aspect. We offer the most competitive rate in the city and we do not have hidden charges or additional fees in our products and processes.
  • Professional and Experienced Team – Our team consists mainly of customer care assistants, designers, builders, and installers. They help make the whole process simple and easy. They are all skilled and experienced in their roles. They assist in creating personalized solutions for the clients. So, you can take it easy when you are working with us.

What To Expect?

The most amazing feature of our company is that we have the simplest process. From the moment you talk about your plans with our customer care assistants until the clean-up, you know that you are with the right hands.

When it comes to home organization, we have the professionals that implement the policies and steps that should be followed all throughout. We deliver affordable closet systems without any hesitation.

You may be asking ‘how do I get custom closets near me’ or ‘where do I find the best closet organizers near me’. If so, we have an answer for you. We know how fun DIY works can be. But, if you are after the precision of measurements, professional technology and installation, and appropriate use of tools and materials, contact a pro. This is a practical way to save both time and money.

Thanks to our experts, we do not overlook any important detail in the project. Creating a fully customized solution is much easier and faster. It only takes one call and we will be answering your inquiries and requests.

We always want you to know that each of our professionals have a proper training workshop from the closet designer to the closet installer. Our design consultation is hassle-free. We make the entire process comfortable for you.

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Closet Services

Our closet designer Kansas City gives each client essential tips on how to take good care of your closets system. We are here to guide you get the best closet cabinet design you desire. We want you to know first all kinds of custom closets we offer. Then, you can work with our closet design for the details. This way, you will get everything you need to know.

Custom Closet Design

Check our custom closet design which features add-ons such as glass doors or cedar lining. With our superb quality materials, we keep and protect your things.

This is also a way to get rid of pests that may want to invade your closet area. We are the ultimate solution for these concerns. We can include other accessories including valet rods, shelves, cabinets, racks, and bins.

As the leading manufacturer of custom closets in Kansas City, we take good care of reputation in this field. We want you to feel happy and satisfied with the entire closet organizer systems we made for you. Thus, we make sure that they will be fully adjustable.

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Walk-in Closet Design

We are also a specialist in making walk-in closet design. Our walk-in closets are made to match with your room’s interior, your preferred style, your budget, and your needs. We are one of the most recommended teams in the city and we do not want to disappoint you in any means. So, we guarantee that you will get more than what you expect for a walk-in closet system.

We can add a special touch to accommodate every unused space in your area. This way, we can maximize our storage capacity. We help you choose from a variety of finishes, colors and materials for your closet organizer.

reach in closet design kansas city

Reach-In Closet Design

This is your chance to maximize your space while you protect your precious items. You can do this without breaking the bank through the help of our professionals. Get a reach-in closet as soon as possible. Our reach-in closets are not just the boring ordinary types you see in many places. We make sure that they will meet your standards and accommodate all your storage needs. We have expert designers who will take good care of you during the entire process.

wardrobe closet systems kansas city

Wardrobe Closet Design

It is time to get more than what you deserve for a wardrobe closet. We can make a big change in your storage concerns. From the moment you receive your new wardrobe closet system, all your problems will be solved. You can start a brand new life as well. Facing your wardrobe in the morning and putting back your stuff in the evening becomes simpler and more convenient. With a wardrobe closet, you can keep your precious things such as bags, shoes, clothes and accessories.

kids closet design kansas city mo

Kids Closet Design

Let your little ones learn the value of keeping and securing their personal belongings including toys, clothing and sports equipment. Give them a fresh start with a customized kiddie closet. The designing process is surely hassle-free, fun and exciting. We promise that your kids will love the final outcome.

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About Kansas City Missouri

Kansas City (KC or KCMO) is the largest city situated in Missouri with the latest metro area population of 1, 686, 000. This city is also the home of many famous attractions including the Swope Park which measures 1, 805 acres, Toy and Miniature Museum, Hallmark Visitors Center, National World War I Museum, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and more. This is also where you find many barbeque restaurants and Kansas City is best known for its tasty chicken recipes.

Generally, KCMO is an ideal place to live for family and people looking for a good career. Some of the surrounding areas in this city are the following:

  • Raytown MO
  • Gladstone MO
  • Prairie Village KS
  • Merriam KS
  • Mission KS
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I order a custom closet from you?

We are confident that we can satisfy your needs and meet your expectations. A custom closet is important and it will save you time and money instead of making DIY projects. It will protect your important things in all means.

How do I get my custom closet?

All you need is to contact us or send us a message through our online form. Our professionals will discuss the closet design with you. They will bring the most essential materials and present to you our collections.

When can I contact your closet builders near me?

You can call or email us anytime of the day. Once we receive your message or talk with you on the phone, we are going to take the necessary actions as soon as possible. We will be asking for some significant details from you.

Are your products eco-friendly?

We assure you that we use green products. We care for the environment and the people around. So, we only work with the suppliers that have the same principles as ours.


The assistants were very helpful and professional. I was never disappointed as I understood the whole process. Good job to you, guys! I am looking forward to more projects with you.

Leila W.


From the moment that I knew they were using eco-friendly solutions, I got more interested to check on their services. I can say that my time and effort were worth it since I got a premium quality wardrobe closet. Best closet builders near me I’ve known!

Robert O.

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